Don't just take it from us.

emapp was developed based on what we heard from people like you, working in busy health centers with complex supply-chain needs that can drain time and resources. 
Here's what our customers had to say:
         Saved money through convenient  comparison shopping
         Reduced order processing times up to 60%
         Standardized their procurement process
         Increased compliance to formulary
         Freed up more time for staff to spend with patients

"emapp has initially saved us more   than $70,000 in time and   operational efficiencies.”    

Kurt, Chief Financial Officer

"The process of approving each   order went from 25 minutes to   about 30 seconds with emapp."

Mary, Purchasing Director

"emapp gives our clinics the   confidence that when they open their   doors each day they know they have   what they need."

Dee, Purchasing Director

"We believe we have saved tens of   thousands in our clinic budgets   and the only real change we have   made is emapp!"

Sandy, Operations Manager    

"This is so easy. I love emapp.
  I just point, click, and buy!"

​​ Jess, Office Manager 

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