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Integrated emapp

Already have a purchasing management system, but are still looking to increase efficiency? Look no further than Integrated emapp.

Seamless punchout integration

Supercharge your current procurement software with Integrated emapp. Integrated emapp provides a familiar marketplace that streamlines requisition creation, and could add support for EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) to your current system.

Save Time and Money!

Gain efficiencies by having health centers create requisitions in a familiar marketplace setting, with a guided purchasing experience. Integrated emapp also helps organizations save time by not having to constantly update pricing, as well as adding order automation. This combination decreases organizational spend and increases efficiency across the board.

Streamline Processes

Use the Integrated emapp marketplace and formularies to direct your health centers on what to purchase. They’ll save time by entering orders in a familiar marketplace, and not have to enter orders line by line as in a typical purchasing management solution.

Automate Ordering

Use our EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) connections with select suppliers to automate ordering, eliminating the need to manually place orders or rely on emailed purchase orders, thus reducing mistakes, and saving labor!

Consider emapp

Interested in replacing your current purchasing system?

Ask us about emapp!


Getting Started is Easy

emapp is your way to get the most out of your current system, and getting started is easy. Just select the solution that’s right for you, provide us with some basic information and we’ll take care of the rest.

emapp specialists work with you to

  • Identify suppliers that your health centers can include
  • Implement the version of emapp that best fits your needs
  • Train your staff on how to get the most out of emapp

It’s that simple.

Try our efficiency calculator and see how much you can save!