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emapp Integration Services

emapp Integration Services bridges purchase orders created in emapp with select accounting systems, saving data entry.

Smarter Solutions

Manually entering purchase orders (POs) into your accounting system demands a significant amount of time and resources. Now, you can eliminate these inefficiencies with the help of eIS.

Ease the Burden of Data Entry

eIS allows you to seamlessly integrate emapp with your (select) accounting software. eIS takes the data from each PO and transforms it into an importable file. This gives users the ability to import hundreds of POs in minutes, where manual labor could take days.

Go Beyond Efficiency

Because eIS eliminates the need for manual input, it also helps reduce the opportunity for human error. This means increased accuracy and data integrity.

Getting Started is Easy

emapp is your full service procurement solution and getting started is easy. Just select the solution that’s right for you, provide us with some basic information and we’ll take care of the rest.

emapp specialists work with you to:

  • Optimally integrate with your select accounting systems with our add-on feature, eIS (emapp Integration Services)
  • Implement the functionalities that best fit your needs
  • Train your staff on how to get the most out of emapp

Try our efficiency calculator and see how much you can save!