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Which emapp solution is right for you?

Find and compare emapp solutions to streamline all of your ordering
operations so you can focus on patients, not inventory.

Beyond Ordering Transactions

As today’s business environments become more complex, competitive and regulated, healthcare organizations face many processing challenges in their back-office departments. One of the best ways for any organization to improve inefficient procurement processes is by adopting an advanced, automated eProcurement solution.

Fortunately, emapp offers multiple solutions to help organizations gain greater control over spend, capture savings and improve compliance across users and locations.

Find Your Solution

From catalog to approvals, emapp eMarketplace & purchasing portal simplifies the entire process – all with a seamless experience.

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emapp software

Looking to replace manual ordering and back-office processes with a full-feature eprocurement solution, including hosted supplier catalogs?

emapp might be the solution for you!


integrated emapp software

Looking to integrate with your current procurement software and enable direct ordering from suppliers?

Integrated emapp might be right for you!


emapp integration services

emapp Integration Services

emapp’s Integration Services helps to bridge emapp with your select accounting software. Purchase orders generated in emapp are easily imported into select accounting systems.


Getting Started is Easy

emapp is your full service procurement solution and getting started is easy. Just select the solution that’s right for you, provide us with some basic information and we’ll take care of the rest.

emapp specialists work with you to:

  • Optimally integrate with your select accounting systems with our add-on feature, eIS (emapp Integration Services)
  • Implement the functionalities that best fit your needs
  • Train your staff on how to get the most out of emapp

Try our efficiency calculator and see how much you can save!