Operational Efficiency & Productivity
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Operational Efficiency & Productivity

Manage your procurement with one solution to optimize
time, money, and resources.

Lighten Your Load

Ordering supplies using paper-based processes or stand-alone software can drain valuable resources. Manually creating requisitions, obtaining approvals, and manually placing those orders can consume a lot of time that could be better directed to patient care.

There’s a better way.

emapp was developed specifically for those who work in busy health centers with complex supply-chain needs. And, it’s more than just ordering supplies!

Order management with emapp is a breeze. By replacing manual, paper-based systems, emapp also enables cross communication between departments, facilitating greater fiscal responsibility across the entire organization. Eliminate painful, labor-intensive tasks with our effective & easy-to-learn, easy-to-use software.

Ready to streamline your purchasing experience?

See how quickly you can automate your processes. It can be easy with emapp.


Boost Operational Efficiency

We know your needs and concerns when it comes to cost-effective management of your health center. emapp streamlines the procurement process saving valuable time and money for your health center.

But, faster purchasing is just the beginning!

  • Comparison shop among suppliers to find the best deals
  • Connect with supplier catalogs for up-to-date pricing
  • Reduce order processing time up to 60%
  • Monitor historic costs and usage patterns
  • Prevent opportunities for error
  • Free up more time to spend with patients

emapp is a centralized procurement hub that facilitates communication and efficiency throughout your organization. It’s an easy-to-implement software solution that removes the need for manual intervention and takes the ordering process to the next level.

Do you need a more efficient way to supply your health centers? It can be easy with emapp!

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