Cost Savings
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Cost Savings

Reduce spend and increase efficiency with guided purchasing, ensuring an efficient, streamlined process.

Control Spend. Improve ROI.

Lack of purchasing control can cause an operational budget to spin out of control. emapp gives you the ability to control spend, track purchases across your organization and improve your bottom line.

Savings That Add Up

Lack of purchasing control can cause an operational budget to spin out of control. emapp eliminates hundreds of hours of labor, representing thousands of dollars spent, to have employees create, input, and manage a manual procurement system.

emapp gives you the ability to standardize your health center ordering using formularies, controlling what they can see and order. With real-time visibility into all transactions, now you have full control over your organization’s spend.

Experience the benefits of emapp.

  • Save on labor due to efficiency improvement
  • Cut costs as a result of formularies guiding purchasing on contract
  • Gain spend confidence with seamless approval process
  • Boost productivity in the workforce
  • Report on financial data with certainty
  • Increase profitability

Too good to be true? It gets even better. See how much you can save!

Improve Spend Visibility

As a CFO or purchasing manager, you’d like the ability to quickly and easily report not only on how much you spend with each supplier, but also the details of those purchases.

  • emapp provides detailed reports on what was purchased, who purchased it, when it was purchased, how much was purchased, and where it was purchased.
  • This information is easily transferable to a pivot table, making financial reporting a breeze.
  • You can easily accrue expenses based on the outstanding Purchase Orders giving better fiscal control to the entire organization.

Increase ROI

Experience significant ROI by improving purchase management and reducing your organization’s overall spend.

  • emapp provides your health centers with a single system to place orders.
  • Health centers can be easily directed on what to purchase.
  • emapp has a familiar marketplace look and feel, making it easy for the health centers to learn and use.
  • emapp also utilizes EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) to replace the labor of manually placing orders. Frees up your purchasing manager to focus on finding the best products for your health centers.

Are you tired of spending too much on labor for effective procurement?

Find out how much you can save. It can be easy with emapp.


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