Corporate Benefits
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Corporate Benefits

Improve ROI while achieving compliance and reducing risks for your organization.

Reduce Variance. Achieve Compliance.

emapp is designed to streamline the procurement process and free employees from repetitive, time-intensive tasks, increasing productivity in more profitable areas.

Transform Your Entire Procurement Process

We know healthcare organizations need to carefully monitor and control all aspects of their spending on supplies. Without proper controls in place, organizations are vulnerable to inefficient spending and budget overruns, not to mention legal and regulatory compliance issues.

That’s why emapp delivers the operational efficiency solutions to transform your entire procurement process and manage the healthcare industry’s unique tracking requirements.

See how emapp can help your organization cut costs while achieving compliance and reducing risks.

  • Ensure consistency with the entire ordering process
  • Automate the approval workflow
  • Boost employee satisfaction and manage turnover
  • Increase communication and efficiency across multiple departments
  • Ensure DSCSA compliance
  • Validate OMB grant bidding and 340B ordering
  • Integrate to accounting and drive savings through formulary adherence

Ready to streamline your purchasing experience?

See how quickly you can automate your processes. It can be easy with emapp.


The emapp Difference

emapp helps to improve the order processing, transparency and data accuracy that healthcare organizations need in order to operate at peak efficiency.

Experience the emapp difference.

  • Our team has an in-depth knowledge of the markets we serve.
  • Other systems require you to build all the catalogs; emapp has the relationships with suppliers to have the majority supply catalogs directly to us.
  • Our Favorites Lists and Formulary capabilities allow for flexible control.
  • Price comparisons can be done right within emapp for convenient cost savings.
  • We provide thorough onboarding and as much training for staff as necessary.
  • emapp offers Purchase Order integration services with select accounting systems.
  • We are able to bring the functionality of EDI systems at a fraction of what others may charge.
  • emapp can integrate with your existing procurement system to add value through our marketplace and EDI connections to suppliers.

Do you need a more efficient way to supply your health centers? It can be easy with emapp!

See how much you can save!


Ease the Burden of Procurement on Employees

With a centralized procurement hub, emapp helps to facilitate communication and ease the burden on employees. In fact, through increased productivity and efficiency improvements, emapp can help you eliminate common areas of frustration.

Try our efficiency calculator and see how much you can save!