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It is the only online marketplace and procurement system that’s designed just for the healthcare community.

Developed for you, by people like you.

emapp was developed based on what we heard from people just like you, working in busy health centers with complex supply-chain needs that can drain time and resources. It is the only online marketplace and procurement system that’s designed just for the healthcare community.

But, don’t just take it from us.

Our customers report that emapp has helped them

  • Save money through convenient comparison shopping
  • Reduce order processing times up to 60%
  • Standardize their procurement process
  • Increase compliance to formulary
  • Free up more time for staff to spend with patients

Ordering supplies has never been simpler.

We know that busy health centers have complex supply-chain needs. With emapp, you can automate the entire process without sacrificing control.

Easy-to-use Shopping Interface Screenshot

Suppliers and Catalogs

Our easy-to-use shopping interface means supplier catalogs are always up-to-date and in one place.

Direct integration with suppliers eases the burden of keeping up with price changes and makes it easy to comparison shop. Need to shop directly from a supplier’s website? No problem! With seamless functionality, users can access a supplier’s ecommerce website, configure items and add them to their orders with ease.

But savings are only the beginning—emapp can also help you streamline the entire workflow.


Electronic Requisition Screenshot

Electronic Requisition and Approval

eprocurement replaces the need for paper and email-driven processes.

With emapp, all health center employees log in to one system, making requisition approvals quick and easy. Plus, with our familiar online shopping interface, little training is required to get started.

Time to say goodbye to the old-fashioned approval process.


PO Creation and Order Placement Screenshot

PO Creation and Order Placement

Communicating the order to the supplier couldn’t be simpler.

No need to email, call, or log in to that supplier’s website. emapp captures the health center purchasing workflow and executes it automatically. Your order is automatically placed as soon as the purchase order is approved.

We make it seamless and easy to get the job done right.


PO Management Screenshot

PO Management

Need PO information? It’s all in one spot.

emapp also archives purchase orders, shipment documents, order receipt confirmations, and invoices. From one spot, you can see who placed an order, who approved it, when the supplier received the PO, and if there were any changes to the order.

You’ll never have to chase down paperwork again!


Receiving and Reconciliation Screenshot

Receiving and Reconciliation

Reliable orders mean you get what you need, when you need it.

Once the user receives the order and creates a receipt, it’s easy to check it against the PO and invoice. This step ensures three-way matching, or reconciliation, among the PO, receipt confirmation and invoice.

The process now takes about 30 seconds per order instead of 25 minutes.


Reporting and Analytics Screenshot

Reporting and Analytics

emapp makes it easy for you to keep an eye on spending, and more importantly, savings.

All transaction details, such as requisition number, PO number, dates, and workflow approval status, are saved for analysis so you can establish an audit trail with detailed reporting capabilities. Plus, with detailed recordkeeping, you have the information you need for 340B, grant funding and compliance.

Now, you can keep an eye on spending, and more importantly, savings.


Accounting Integration Screenshot

Accounting Integration

Adding emapp makes it possible to enhance the systems you already have in place.

Integrate emapp seamlessly with existing accounting and requisition software. Now, you can import hundreds of POs in minutes, where manual labor could take days.

Simply put, emapp is an efficient way to manage the entire procurement process. The end result is streamlined supply management and, ultimately, more time to spend on patients.


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