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A cloud-based purchasing and procurement platform

designed specifically for healthcare.

We provide one-click access to these suppliers:

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A more streamlined and efficient purchasing process

Ordering supplies using paper-based processes or stand-alone software can waste valuable time and money. Do it better with emapp: the online procurement solution designed just for the healthcare community.


Access Anywhere, Anyplace

emapp® was developed based on what we heard from people like you, working in busy health centers with complex supply-chain needs that can drain time and resources.

We’re a 100% web-based software offering flexibility & configuration for your specific needs and keeps company information safe & secure.


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Which emapp solution is right for you?

emapp is your full service procurement solution, and getting started is easy.
Just choose the solution that’s right for you, provide us with some basic information, and we’ll take care of the rest. It’s that simple.


Replace manual ordering and back-office processes with an efficient full-feature procurement solution, including hosted supplier catalogs and order automation.


Integrated emapp

Integrate emapp’s marketplace with your punch-out capable procurement software including ordering automation for select systems.


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