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Simply Efficient
Reduce time spent on procurement while adding structure and control
Leverage our relationships with suppliers to manage content and save money
Reduce or even eliminate the need to make orders via phone, fax, or web by leveraging electronic order fulfilment
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What they are saying!
  1. Charleen - Operating Manager
    Charleen B., Operating Manager “…I love emapp!” “The only reason I was able to do this without going crazy was because of emapp.” -Find out why this customer is so happy about emapp after she had to take over the responsibilities of two other people, including purchasing responsibilities
  2. Sandy - Operations Manager
    Sandy S., Operations Manager “We believe we have saved tens of thousands in our clinic budgets and the only real change we have made is emapp!” -Find out how emapp might be able to help you streamline and manage your formulary and bring costs and unwanted ordering under control.
  3. Jess B., Office Manager
    “This is so easy. I love emapp. I just point, click and buy!" -Find out why this office manager is saving time by using emapp.
  4. Mary - Purchasing Director
    "We've been able to save our clinics 2-3 hours a week by streamlining their ordering." -Find out how this customer was able to give back time to their clinical staff to better serve their patients
  5. Kurt - CFO
    “I believe that this system would be worth it even without the direct savings. There are so many intangibles.” -Find out why a CFO is saying emapp is worth it just due to the efficiency and other indirect savings benefits.
  6. Dee - Purchasing Director
    “emapp™ gives our clinics the confidence that when they open their doors each day they know they have what they need. There is no anxiety about whether or not they have supplies they need to care for their patients.” -Find out how emapp can add clarity and responsibility to your procurement process